[Information]A research seminar by an Oxford researcher: “Edtech trends: usage and perceptions” (May 27, 2024) 

Dr. Lulu Shi of Oxford University( be talking on digital technology in education.
In their study, they develop the first edtech usage index to show how much technology is used for education purposes, which are the most popular technologies, and how the usage has developed in the recent years.

This event is supported by JST Moonshot R&D Project with the Grant Number JPMJMS2215.

Date&Time: Monday, May 27. 16:00―17:30
Venue: Meeting Room 2, 1F, North Building, Mita Campus, keio Univ
Eligibility: Open to everyone
Capacity: 30People(Only Onsite)
Language: English  (No simultaneous translation into Japanese)
Hosts: Cyber-Physical Sustainability Center (CPS Center), Keio University
Fees: Free
Registration: No registration necessary
Inquiries: CPS Center
Contact: Tatsuma Wada